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About Husted

Michael is a retired 9 Year NFL Kicker.

Michael’s consistency on field goals and power on kick offs won him the job as an undrafted rookie.

Michael went on to have a successful rookie season where he was named to Football Digest’s All Rookie team.

During his time with the Tampa Bay Bucs, Michael established several records including:

     • All time leading scorer (502 pts.)
     • Longest field goal (57 yards)
     • Most 50+ field goals (10)

Michael attended the University of Virginia.

During his time with the Cavaliers, he was the kick off specialist during his freshman and sophomore seasons. He then handled all kicking duties his junior and senior seasons.

During his senior campaign, he connected on 13-16 field goals and was named a Lou Groza semi finalist.

Michael also had a total of 95 touchbacks during his college career, the most in UVA history.

Michael earned several awards during his high school career:

     • Parade All American Honorable mention (Senior year)
     • First team All State Kicker (Senior and Junior years)
     • First team All Region Kicker (Senior and Junior years)
     • First team All District Kicker(Senior and Junior years)

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Kicking Lessons


Whether you are having one on one lessons, or small group lessons, Husted Kicking will ensure you have a thorough understanding of the basic fundamentals if you are just beginning to learn to kick, punt or snap.

If you are looking for continued instruction, Husted Kicking can take your game to the next level with our expertise and experience.

Attention to detail from Husted Kicking will allow us to quickly assess where you are as a specialist.

Through on field sessions and on field film review, we will be able to refine or adjust your technique so that you can develop and improve your skills.

Having knowledge and proper execution of kicking, punting or long snapping techniques is a vital part of success as a football specialist.

One on One Kicking Instruction Rate:

* Initial Visit $400 for a 2.5 hour lesson with on field film review

*Follow up visits $250 for 1.5 hour lessons with on field film review

Group Lessons:

Our group lessons provide game like situations.

Having the ability to compare yourself with peers will help to see where you are as a specialist as well gain experience through competition.

We will keep the group session numbers small to maintain quality.

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Kicking Consulting


Husted Kicking will provide kicking consultation at any level.

Whether you are trying to navigate through the college recruiting process, managing your college career or looking for strategy to best position yourself for a professional career, we can offer experience and guidance.

Michael Husted has over 10 years of experience in the high school recruiting industry, from online technology to event management. Co-Founder of, Michael was an early adopter and took the recruiting system from snail mail to online.

Michael also founded the National Camp Series system that is recognized as one of the top camps among kickers, punters and long snappers.

Husted Kicking consulting includes:


Price is $150/month with one year agreement.

Go here to sign up and pay online 

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CA Kicking

California Kicking Experience

Husted Kicking’s California Kicking Experience is a great opportunity to get comprehensive training and fun competition while enjoying all that the Southern California has to offer. 

This two-day experience will provide:

     • Professional kicking, punting, long snapping instruction with Michael Husted
     • Position specific strength & conditioning
     • Mental training assessment and program
     • Yoga
     • Surfing

During your visit to San Diego, you will have two days of instruction with on field video review.  After one of the instructional sessions, a strength & conditioning expert, Cameron Trickey, will put you through a workout that will focus on the key muscle groups that are vital for specialists to perform at a high level. 

After the other instructional session, we will enjoy a group yoga session.  Practicing yoga allows us to get connected with our bodies to better understand the flexibility and balance needed to kick, punt or snap effectively. 

To compliment the physical side, you will have an hour meeting with Sport Psychologist, Dr. Jeffrey Jones.  Dr. Jones will assess your mental training and develop a program that you can utilize through out the year, whether in-season or off-season. 

Last, but not least, what would a trip to California be without Surfing or Stand Up Paddling?


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“Having known Michael since our playing days in the NFL, he has competed, performed and succeeded at the highest level.

Since then, Michael has taken his experience and expertise to carefully craft a plan that will help anyone looking to get professional instruction in the kicking game.”

Martin Mayhew, Sr. Vice President, General Manager, Detroit Lions, and 8 Year NFL Player

“Michael Husted is a knowledgeable, experienced and confident kicking coach.

When you call him for a recommendation about a young specialist you know you are going to get an honest answer, an intelligent evaluation and, because he knows what teams are looking for, he can give you an idea of the best player for each situation.

Because of his vast experience and his work ethic, he has the ability to not only identify talent but to develop it as well. I trust Michael to always give me a straight answer any time I need a recommendation that could ultimately help our team win games.”

Mike Priefer, Special Teams Coordinator, Minnesota Vikings

“I’ve been attending specialist combines run by Michael Husted for over 10 years and have always found them to professional, well organized and valuable to evaluate kickers, punters and long snappers.

Michael is a trusted and respected resource for NFL teams and among specialists around the league.”

Scott Cohen, Senior Personnel Advisor, Tampa Bay Buccaneers

"Michael Husted is an outstanding Kicking coach. After meeting Michael & exchanging coaching philosophies, I believe he has helped me take my Rugby kicking coaching to a new level. I am privilege to say he is a great mentor. Mike’s knowledge of Kicking is second to none, with a very simple approach.

I would highly recommend Husted Kicking to anyone wanting to get professional coaching at any level."

Damien Hill - Australian Rugby Union National Kicking Coach

"Michael has been a positive influence in my life ever since we first met whilst I was in college. Through the years not only have I leaned on him for instruction and my approach to football, but also for advice when it came to life outside of the game.

He's method of coaching centers around key fundamentals coupled with sound biomechanics to produce your best whilst under pressure.  Having the instruction of a long time veteran of the NFL was instrumental in my preparation for professional footballI and continues to benefit me to this day. I feel very blessed to count him as one of my closest friends." 

Matt McBriar, NFL Punter, Pittsburg Steelers

"Michael is one of the best in the business. He has helped me out a ton over the years.

He's a great coach who also played in the NFL, a unique combo.

He understands the demands of kicking at the highest level and provides great feedback which allows me to continue to do what I love."

Billy Cundiff, NFL Kicker, Cleveland Browns


“Michael was my kicker when I was coaching the Tampa Bay Buccaneers Special Teams.

He is very knowledgeable in becoming as good as you possibly can. He was an extremely hard worker and dedicated to his kicking both on the field and in the weight room. Michael developed into one of the best kick off guys in the NFL.

He will be an asset to anyone that has the desire to improve their talent level when it comes to kicking. He knows what it takes both physically and mentally.”

Joe Marciano, Houston Texans

"Michael is an outstanding coach as well as role model for young men interested in developing into outstanding kickers or punters.

He truly understands the high school, college and NFL process, and he has perhaps the most exceptional set of relationships of anyone across the football kicking universe.

His instructional approach with kids is thoughtful and encouraging, and his use of technology to support his on-field instruction further enhances his unique insights and experience with the game at various levels.

I cannot recommend Michael highly enough to other parents investing their time and money as well as their sons kicking/punting future with a specific kicking/punting coach."

John Schmid, Parent

My son has been coached or more accurately put, "mentored" by Michael Husted since 2006.  

Michael first helped my son develop into a good high school kicker, then into a good college kicker.

I don't think they're are many coaches that can effectively teach young boys as well as elite professionals.

Over the last 5 years Michael has taught my son how to focus on the big picture of D1 football as well as the details of growing up.

Michael is helping develop my son as an athlete in addition to counseling him with character building skills.

Doug Miller, Parent

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Contact Michael

Office: 888.702.0682
Mobile: 858.205.9256


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College Camp Battle

College Specialists Camp Battle

This unique camp is the only one of its kind and will be operated by NFL specialists who now train kickers, punters and long snappers.

Retired NFL long snapper Justin Snow, retired NFL punter Hunter Smith, and retired NFL kicker Michael Husted have teamed up to provide professional instruction based on our experience of over 40 years in the NFL.

Please join us for our Inaugural College Specialists Camp Battle on June 7, 2014 at Brebeuf Jesuit Preparatory School, 2801 West 86th Street, Indianapolis, IN 46268.

This high level camp will provide instruction by NFL players in the morning and then in the afternoon, we will have both individual and team competitions.

You will have an opportunity to train with some of the top specialists kicking game coaches in the country. Additionally, you will compete individually and then as a team to prove which college/university has the top specialists.

This camp will help you to:

1. Strengthen your skill set individually
2. Build operation chemistry with your teammates
3. Prepare you for next season
4. Meet other specialists
5. Have a Great Time

We feel very confident that you will walk away from this camp with a great understanding of technique and how to train professionally to improve your game. As well as an opportunity to show your ability to perform under pressure and of course, bragging rights.

Please feel free to contact us directly if you have any questions. We hope to see you out there ready to learn and compete.



We have reserved a special camp rate of $99/night at:

Embassy Suites
3912 Vincennes Road
Indianapolis, IN 46268
code: Kicking Specialists

Justin Snow
13 Year NFL Long Snapper
Pro Long Snapper, LLC

Michael Husted
9 Year NFL Kicker
Husted Kicking

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Special Teams Pro Camp

Special Teams Pro Camp
with Mike Stock

San Diego, CA
April 12-13, 2014

It will be an honor, once again, to have NFL Special Teams Coach, Mike Stock join Michael Husted, and Mitch Palmer at the Special Teams Pro Camp at Florida Atlantic University in Boca Raton, FL. Incorporating the teaching and coaching of Special Teams play with their specific specialties completes the camp.

By attending this camp, players will enhance their chances to make an NFL roster.

They will experience classroom work that will include information to prepare them for on the field activities. Video material will also be provided to further educate them on the specific techniques and fundamentals on how to execute play in the four main kicking game elements:

* PUNT RETURN – Hold-up, punt blocking techniques, and bracket work
* K.O.COVER – Alignments, cover assignments, lane control, and finish
* K.O. RETURN – Front line drop angles, blocking fundamentals, and finish

Punt Returners and KO Returners techniques and fundamentals will be reviewed, as well. The speed of the game on this level is extreme! The more these players can learn, absorb and retain, the FASTER they can play'!

When they go to an NFLor CFL camp, they will go in with an edge over any other athlete trying to make it.

*Punt Protection and Coverage (classroom instruction, video reinforcement, on the   field drill work including "gunner" work)
*Punt Return and Blocks (classroom instruction, video reinforcement, on the field drill   work including including brackets work/double & single)
*KO Cover (classroom instruction, video reinforcement, on the field drill work)
*KO Return (classroom instruction, video reinforcement, on the field drill work)

*1/2 DAY---Drills review and address the NFL rules
*1/2 DAY---Practice routine

*1/2 DAY--- Drills review and address the NFL rules/video draft eligible seniors

*Scouts to view draft eligible players' video
*Special teams workout for free agents

Field Location:

Santa Fe Christian High School
838 Academy Lane
Solana Beach, CA 92075

Special Team Camp Price: $200

*Hotel information coming soon

For more information please call Michael Husted at 858.205.9256

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The National Camp Series (NCS) is a nationwide network of expert kicking coaches with NFL and College level playing experience.

Our goal is to provide effective instruction on the field and guidance off of the field that will allow student-athletes the ability to leverage their sport to get a college education.

The NCS offers regional camps and an annual Super Camp that helps student-athletes gain experience through competition, prove consistency through localized training, and provide exposure to colleges and universities through our objective evaluation camps utilizing the Kicking IndeX (KIX) Player Rating System.

The National Camp Series was developed by former NFL Kicker Michael Husted. After a successful NFL career, Michael determined that there needed to be a more cohesive, analytical, and effective process to coach, evaluate, and guide student-athletes looking to play at the next level.

Click here to go to the full website.

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Husted PRO Camp

Husted Kicking PRO Camp
April 12-17, 2014
San Diego, CA

Husted Kicking college-Pro Kicking Camp, Virtual Pro Day for Draft Eligible Seniors and Pro Day for Free Agents. Being able to play at the Pro Level requires training and opportunity. There are only so many positions available at the Husted Kicking Pro Camp.

Michael Husted, Darren Bennett, Craig Hentrich, Mike Hollis, Dave Brader, Mitch Palmer, Justin Snow and Mike Stock bring valuable expert instruction and NFL experience to this Pro kicking camp. Come learn from athletes who have played in the NFL as well as coached hundreds of players.

The kicking camp will include:

Husted Evaluating NFL Prospects

* Up to four days of charting and evaluations
* Three days of instruction
* Two days of video
* Small group sessions to ensure quality

This kicking camp open to college specialists, draft eligible seniors and free agents.

The benefits of attending this kicking camp for college specialists include:

* Receiving professional instruction
* Entrance into the Husted Pro Database which is reviewed by all professional  leagues    and teams
* Honest assessment of skill level
* Game plan for peak performance

The benefits of attending this kicking camp for draft eligible seniors:

* Our kicking camp event serves as an official alternate NFL combine for those who were not invited to the NFL’s combine in Indianapolis

* The NFL uses a third party organization to select players for their combine, thus over looking many talented prospects

* An opportunity to get instruction, evaluation and current video for all professional leagues and teams to review online

* A chance to see what the pool of talent for specialists looks like since our camp combines draft eligible seniors and current free agents

* Ranking and Evaluation Presentation to all NFL, UFL and CFL teams at our annual Pro Breakfast before the Free Agent Showcase

The benefits for free agents:

* NFL Long Snapper Mitch Palmer Coaching and Evaluating

* To let objective data through our NFL style workouts be used to showcase your talent

* Receive professional instruction from former NFL players and coaches that have over 50    years of experience

* Valuable consultation on what it takes to perform at a high level and position yourself for opportunities

* A chance to qualify to kick in front of NFL, UFL and CFL coaches and player personnel

Over the years, dozens of athletes from our camps have been signed to professional contracts in the NFL, UFL, CFL and arena leagues. Many Pro teams rely on us to provide them with current information on prospects and free agents.

If you are a current college student or a college senior who is draft eligible and can not attend the kicking camp for the fullweek, you can attend the weekend portion of our camp for $375.

This weekend portion will include two NFL style charting sessions with the second day’s chart video taped. Draft eligible seniors are highly encouraged to attend the full kicking camp for full assessment and be included in our Rankings and Evaluations Presentation at our breakfast for NFL coaches the day of our Combine.

If you are a current college student or a college senior who is draft eligible and can not attend the full week of camp, you can attend the weekend portion of our camp.

This weekend portion will include two NFL style charting sessions with the second day’s chart video taped.

We will also be having a special teams player instructional weekend camp coached my retired NFL Special Teams Coordinator, Mike Stock. This camp will include classroom video and on field instruction.

The cost of the Free Agent Pro Camp is $550

Field Location:

Santa Fe Christian High School
838 Academy Lane
Solana Beach, CA 92075



Holiday Inn Express Solana Beach

Holiday Inn Express Cardiff by the Sea

Hilton Del Mar

Courtyard Solana Beach

Days Inn Encinitas

Click for other hotels options

For more information about the event please call Michael Husted at 858.205.9256

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College Combine

College Senior Combine Live

Watch Combine Live on IPhone

Watch Combine Live on Android

Inaugural Husted Kicking
College Senior Combine
San Diego, CA
February 7-9, 2014

Former NFL Punter Darren Bennett and myself will be coaching and evaluating at this combine. This event will provide you an opportunity to showcase your talent for NFL and CFL teams. Our experience of playing in the NFL as well as coaching hundreds of specialists has provided us with the opportunity to network with NFL and CFL coaches and personnel.

Husted Kicking Senior Combine will provide:

     • Two days of combine style charting on field         goals, kickoffs and punts
     • Both days filmed in HD
     • Video will be uploaded to YouTube
     • You will be given a copy of your workouts
     • Presentation on selecting the right agent to represent you
     • Mental training and preparation presentation
     • Kicker/Punter specific strength and conditioning program

The benefits of attending this kicking camp for draft eligible seniors:

     • This event serves as an official alternate NFL combine for those who were not invited to the NFL’s combine in Indianapolis
     • The NFL uses a third party organization to select players for their combine, thus over looking many talented prospects
     • An opportunity to get evaluated by retired NFL kickers and punters
     • Live HD streaming online for NFL/CFL teams
     • Online Pro Profile with your combine results and video for all professional leagues
     • Listed on Husted Kicking’s Pro Rankings Page that is used by NFL teams

Friday, February 7, 2014 Hilton - Del Mar, Triple Crown Room

     • 7:00 pm Check in/Orientation/Meetings
     • 7:30 pm Agent Selection by NFLPA certified agent Jill McBride Baxter
     • 8:15 pm Mental Training by Sport Psychologist, Dr. Jeffery Jones

Saturday, February 8, 2014 Santa Fe Christian High School

     • 7:30 am – 9:30 am Breakfast provided at Hilton – Del Mar
     • 9:00 am – 3:00 pm Small group combine charting and evaluations (You will be assigned to a group time at check in on Friday evening)
     • Kicker/Punter specific training
     • Lunch/Dinner on your own
     • Enjoy Del Mar
     • Be safe

Sunday, February 9, 2014 Santa Fe Christian High School

     • 7:30 am – 9:30 am Breakfast provided at Hilton – Del Mar
     • 9:00 am – 3:00 pm Small group combine charting and evaluations
     • Lunch/Dinner on your own
     • Enjoy Del Mar
     • Safe Travel Home

The cost of the Senior Combine is $500. REGISTER NOW

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